Tuscan kitchen decor
Tuscan décor is very rich in color and warmth. Earthy colors like brown and gold, warm yellow, crazy orange or peach tone,rich red, olive green, and deep blue are the colors to use to inhale a new life in you Italian home decor.
Terra cotta and stone textures give a kitchen that earthy feel. Also you can use terra cotta and rustic painted planters for your window or dining table herb garden. Lush plants tucked into over sized cast iron tea kettles or mosaic pots add life and color to your kitchen.

One of the best ways to give a kitchen the Tuscan feel is by adding texture to your kitchen walls. Tuscan style are rustic and aged, you can easily camouflage your walls imperfections by creating a stucco appearance that is glazed with yellows or creams.

The finishing touch for your kitchen walls will be accomplished by hanging decorations.Hanging murals can immediately bring the Tuscan landscape into your home.

Tuscan kitchens are known for rich colorful plate displays. You can find a decorative plates in flea markets , Italian pottery shops and online .

If you decided to decorate your kitchen in a Tuscan theme, you don’t need to get new cabinets and shelving. You can use deep Tuscan red stain on your doors, drawers and cabinets, but definitely add brass or ceramic cabinet knobs or drawer pulls to create a Italian look to your kitchen!

Also get a new curtains in blue, yellow or green color which can add a Tuscan feel to your kitchen. White or creamy curtain sheers can give a “breezy” look especially during hot summer.
The kitchen is the heart of any home and you give the spirit that makes a house a home.

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