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Which Kitchen Products Should You Buy?
Whether you're updating your appliances or planning a full remodel, seeing past the hype can be tough when everything looks so good. Here are our nominations for the 10 most overhyped kitchen products and the smarter options that beat them.

Read this article. It's will help you to make a decision in remodeling your kitchen.

Kitchen Advice: Overhyped Kitchen Products - AOL Money & Finance
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Cool gifts to cool your drinks.
Gifts under $100.



Never again do you need to be concerned with your fine wines loosing body or flavor after opening! The commercially proven Keeper dispensing and preserving system has become the industry standard and is now available for home use. The KEEPER saves wine for weeks! The disposable nitrogen canister preserves and dispenses up to 24, .75 liter bottles of wine. Currently used in thousands of the world's finest hotels, restaurants and homes, the Keeper makes enjoying fine wine an extended and pleasurable experience. The proven nitrogen gas preservation technology will ensure impeccable flavor to the very end of the bottle. Quick disconnect fitting allows for refrigeration of white wines. The Keeper comes with one stopper-faucet, regulator, tubing, and one nitrogen canister. Refill canisters available in packs of four (see drop down menu and zoom).This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Product usually arrives in 14-21 business days, depending on destination, including order processing and shipping.So,Hurry up to get it for your friends and family!

I like this one too.

All year long enjoy a nice cold drink during your party without ugly bulky coolers. This hammered copper party tub will hold your sodas, wine, beer, water and other drinks during your party while adding a decorative element instantly. This 10.5 qt tub has helpful handles making it easy to tote this bucket anywhere in the house or outdoors. Fill it up with ice and your favorite drinks and you’re set for the night!This item ships directly from the manufacturer.

Party Tub

Party Tub

This is gorgeous tub looks very stylish even just for decor of your home.

Another cool gift.

The Cork Butler

The Cork Butler

Now you can remove corks from your favorite wines in a snap – no hassle, no mess. With an easy-grip lever system to uncork any bottle quickly and easily, this opener is the perfect complement to your wet bar. Includes Foil Cutter Additional Spiral Needle Cork. Amazing. Elegant. Simple. Plastic/Metal Construction.This item ships directly from the manufacturer.
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Wine chiller.
4 Bottle Wine Chiller

4 Bottle Wine Chiller

All year long enjoy your wine during your party without ugly bulky coolers. This beautiful copper wine chiller holds up to 4 of your favorite bottles of wine during your party while adding a decorative element instantly. This copper wine chiller has helpful handles making it easy to tote this cooler anywhere in the house or outdoors. Fill it up with ice and your favorite bottle and you’re set for the night!This item ships directly from the manufacturer.
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Tuscan kitchen decor
Tuscan décor is very rich in color and warmth. Earthy colors like brown and gold, warm yellow, crazy orange or peach tone,rich red, olive green, and deep blue are the colors to use to inhale a new life in you Italian home decor.
Terra cotta and stone textures give a kitchen that earthy feel. Also you can use terra cotta and rustic painted planters for your window or dining table herb garden. Lush plants tucked into over sized cast iron tea kettles or mosaic pots add life and color to your kitchen.

One of the best ways to give a kitchen the Tuscan feel is by adding texture to your kitchen walls. Tuscan style are rustic and aged, you can easily camouflage your walls imperfections by creating a stucco appearance that is glazed with yellows or creams.

The finishing touch for your kitchen walls will be accomplished by hanging decorations.Hanging murals can immediately bring the Tuscan landscape into your home.

Tuscan kitchens are known for rich colorful plate displays. You can find a decorative plates in flea markets , Italian pottery shops and online .

If you decided to decorate your kitchen in a Tuscan theme, you don’t need to get new cabinets and shelving. You can use deep Tuscan red stain on your doors, drawers and cabinets, but definitely add brass or ceramic cabinet knobs or drawer pulls to create a Italian look to your kitchen!

Also get a new curtains in blue, yellow or green color which can add a Tuscan feel to your kitchen. White or creamy curtain sheers can give a “breezy” look especially during hot summer.
The kitchen is the heart of any home and you give the spirit that makes a house a home.

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Party time!
I am from the Ukraine.
Party in my country - it's a lot off pork,wine or/and vodka, music and dance.

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Three Things to Consider For Your Kitchen Remodelinsg Idea.
When you're ready for that new kitchen there are three things to consider in order to make your kitchen remodeling ideas a smash hit. This informative article will discuss the many options available to you for your kitchen remodeling ideas. Learn how to add some flair to the next project with a sink, some counter tops, and a few stylish pots and pans.
How Much Space Do You Have?
When creating your kitchen remodeling ideas you should think about the available space you have and then get creative. If you have enough room you may want to consider adding an island to the middle of the kitchen. This will add terrific value, not to mention a new dimension that most high end kitchens have. Once you have determined your space requirements you can look at other projects.
Not Just Another Sink
The looks and feel of your sink will incorporate two factors. The faucet and the design of the sink are the two primary considerations. When choosing a sink you should visit a local showroom to see the many shapes that are available. When establishing your kitchen remodeling ideas you should consider a double sink if space allows. Having a sink with two bowls is a very nice feature. Usually the two sides provide altogether different functions. One may be for rinsing while the other side may have a disposal and be for vegetables and such. Now once you have a sink chosen you need to consider the faucets.
The faucets are such an influential aspect to the innovative design of your project when making your kitchen remodeling ideas. An attractive faucet can cost a few hundred dollars, but the longstanding benefit is almost always a worthwhile investment. Not only will you enjoy your scouring chores more, but the economic savings may be worth the additional money invested.
Now that you know what type of sink and faucet you will be adding to your kitchen it’s time to choose the counter tops. If you want to add value and enjoy the convenience of cleaning too, then you may want to consider stepping up into granite counter tops. This is a project that may require you to hire a professional. You can hopefully find local contractors who specialize in these types of counter tops. The added value and beauty of granite counter tops will make your kitchen remodeling ideas a real winner.
Pots and Pans Can Make All The difference
Now if you’re looking to spice things up a bit and save some money at the same time, you may try adding some attractive pots and pans. If you have the area in your kitchen remodeling ideas for adding a center island you may want to hang these above the island. Now it’s time to put your kitchen remodeling ideas all together and have some fun.
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The big chain restaurants spend time and money creating special "signature" dessert treats. In many cases they invest more in coming up with a new twist on a gooey double-fudge ice cream cake than they do in figuring out more ways to dress up their hamburgers. It just makes economic sense.
Loyal patrons of a given restaurant may really like the hamburgers, or the pasta, but it's those sinful desserts that often draw them back, meal after meal. Truly, a magnificent dessert can be the most addictive item on the menu.
That's why, as I've discovered through my own research, getting a recipe for a restaurant's top dessert item can be extremely difficult. But remember, it is just a recipe, after all--a list of ingredients plus instructions on how to put them together.
As I've written previously, the most direct way to obtain recipes for a restaurant's menu offerings--even desserts--is to ask. Often, though, you'll be politely rejected. Or, the manager might just vaguely tell you something like, "Well, it's just some vanilla ice cream and a little hot fudge and some nuts and a cherry," while leaving out important details: Whose vanilla ice cream? How is the fudge heated? Etc. Often there will be some secret ingredient that he will conveniently neglect to mention at all.
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Recepies for the soul.

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French Country Kitchen Decorating
By Kathy Burns-Millyard

When designing a kitchen, most people focus tightly on organization and efficiency. While those truly are important considerations, don't forget to give your kitchen a personality as well as functionality. One classic kitchen decorating theme is the French country look.
A French country kitchen makes you feel as if you have just walked into a cottage in rural France. Such a kitchen reflects a joy of living and importance of family and friends. Whether you live in a high-rise urban condominium or a split-level in the suburbs, you can bring the warmth and beauty of the French countryside to your own kitchen. The combination of many small touches is what gives a French country kitchen its vibrant, romantic feel.
Color plays a major role in a French country kitchen. If you stepped into the kitchen of a French country cottage, you would probably find walls painted either a butter or mustard yellow, with cupboards painted cornflower blue or even salmon pink. Of course, you could choose to make your walls blue and use the lighter shades as accents.
In the country kitchens of France, natural light is part of the decor. Window dressings are often simple - Roman shades.Fabric choices range from canvas to toile, solid to stripped or even prints of fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Speaking of herbs, one simple French country detail is the presence of lavender. Hang a bunch of dried lavender from a hook on the ceiling or the wall, or stand a clump in a wall vase, and you'll bring the scent of the French countryside into your kitchen.
Accessories for a French country kitchen are almost always functional. A tall terra cotta or copper vase serves as countertop storage for spatulas and other cooking utensils. Open, freestanding racks made of copper or wrought iron hold plants as well as placemats, napkins, and serving bowls. Ceramic with rooster or herb designs can be displayed on walls when not in use on the table.
A plain, pine work table doubles as a place for family and friends to gather for meals or simply to socialize. Be sure to choose a size table that won't interrupt the traffic flow in your kitchen. If you have a very small galley style kitchen, you might want to skip this element. In the kitchen, the difference between cramped and cozy is enough to ruin any mood.
Since French country kitchens are small by nature, their owners make the best use of every possible space. Instead of traditional cabinets they often opt for vertical storage. Wrought iron ceiling racks keep frequently used pots and pans handy. Pot racks are very popular in kitchens around the world, and are therefore easy to find. In fact, you'll be surprised at the wide range of styles and sizes available. You can achieve the French country look even if your kitchen doesn't lend itself to an overhead pot rack. Strong hooks on the wall or on a solid core door will give save cabinet space and add to the country feel of your kitchen.
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